DBA by Publication

DBA by Publication Route

Thesis by publication situates a DBA candidate’s research on the world stage and validates its relevance to the international business community. The DBA by Publication option is designed according to QAA guidelines: ’A candidate can present a portfolio of interconnected, published research papers contextualised by a coherent narrative, demonstrating overall an original contribution to knowledge. Such publications may include papers, chapters, monographs, books, scholarly editions of a text, technical reports, creative work in relevant areas, or other artefacts’ (QAA, 2011).Thus the final thesis by publication document, written in English, draws together a series of connected publications into a cohesive document.

DBA Guidelines – IPE Management School, Paris

Careful attention should be given to the selection of published work, in that the requirement is to demonstrate a coherent theme(s) that runs through the selection. The expectation is that three to five published works are normally identified.

The theme(s) must have a clear application to business, management, or managing people.

The selected published work form part of the submission and needs to be accompanied by a brief statement that outlines the following:

  • a. rationale for the choice;
  • b. the candidate’s contributionin multi‐authored published work;
  • c. a measure of ‘quality’ for each published work submitted, for example a journal rank, the article’s impact rating, or some other measure of quality/impact.

When considering a DBA by published work, it is normally accepted that the contribution to theoretical knowledge has been demonstrated. It is the purpose of the wrap document to justify and argue, at doctoral level, that a significant contribution has been made to professional practice.

Given the concise length of the wrap document, along with the doctoral level requirement for in-depth analysis, the focus needs to be on analysis of the themes(s), rather than description.

The wrap document should analyse the broader applications of the published work in a reflexive way, to address any limitations in the discussion and to outline recommendations for future research.
The rationale for the submitted work, along with their accompanying methodology, outcomes and discussion will have formed part of the original body of work and would not normally be reproduced in the wrap document.
The themed focus needs to make a clear contribution to professional practice, with this being related to and extracted from, the published work being submitted.
Essentially, the wrap document can be viewed as an analysis of impact, which focuses on answering the question: ‘what significant and specific impact has the published work had on professional practice?’

DBA Degree Requirements

The Doctor of Business Administration is a Professional Doctorate, with equivalent academic standingto a PhD (level 8),which is reserved for candidates who have made a significant new contribution to applied knowledge or practice in their organisation, or in working practices that can be applied elsewhere.

As the Doctor of Business Administration is a business qualification there is a requirement for the candidate to focus on a business or management element of the candidate’s work and to identify the business implications and recommendations.

There are two elements to the DBA submission; the body of published work and the wrap document.

Thecandidate shall identify a coherent theme(s) within the selected body of published work and, in the accompanying wrap document, demonstrate a coherent contribution to knowledge that can be applied to professional business practice.

DBA Format Requirements

The published work and wrap document shall be presented in English.

The wrap document shall be between 5,000 and 8,000 words (excluding ancillary data such as title page, contents pages and references).

There is no word limit for the published work.

The following format requirements shall be adhered to:

  • a. the published work and wrap document shall normally be in A4 format and presented in typescript or print;
  • b. characters used in the main text shall not be less than 2.0mm height for capitals and 1.5mm for lower-case;
  • c. the published work and wrap document shall be printed single-sided throughout;
  • d. the paper shall be white and within the range 70 g/m2 to 100 g/m2;
  • e. the margin at the left-hand edge of the page shall not be less than 35mm; other margins not less than 30mm;
  • f. one-and-a-half line spacing shall be used, except for indented quotations which can be single spaced;
  • g. pages shall be numbered consecutively throughout.

The title page of the wrap document shall give the following information:

  1. The full title of the submission;
  2. The full name of the author;
  3. That the degree is awarded by the IPE Management School, Paris:”A submission in fulfilment of the requirements of IPE Management School, Paris for the degree of Doctor of Business Administration”
  4. the month and year of submission.

Full copies of the published material shall be contained within the submitted document – links to websites are not acceptable.

The wrap document shall be accompanied by the following declaration: “That no portion of the work referred to in this wrap document has been submitted in support of an application for another degree or qualification of IPE Management School, Paris, or any other institute of learning. To the best of my knowledge and belief, the wrap document contains no material previously published or written by another person, except where due reference is made in the submission itself.”