BSc Professional Accountancy

This course is designed to enable students who wish to pursue a career in Accountancy. The Accountancy profession is a very worthwhile and challenging career.

Accountants fulfil a very important role in all organisations today from financial control to  advising management on new projects, financial risk analysis and a whole myriad of issues including taxation, investment, audits, financial results analysis, mergers and takeovers, dissolutions and many others.

This 3 year course of studies will provide the student with the requisite skills and knowledge to perform effectively as a Accountancy professional for their organisation.

BSc (Hons) Professional AccountancyCourse Structure

Year Semester Module Codes Module Name Level ECTS
1 S1 (ACFI127) Business Economics 4 7.5
(ACFI101) Financial Accounting for Business Decisions 4 7.5
(ACFI111) Business Statistics 4 7.5
(ACFI115) Professional Practices for Accountants 4 7.5
S2 (ACFI151) The Business Environment 4 7.5
(ACFI116) Computer Aided Accounting Practices 4 7.5
(ACFI103) Fundamentals of Finance 4 7.5
(ACFI102) Management Accounting for Planning, Decision Making and Control 4 7.5
2 S1 (ACFI210) Audit and Assurance 5 7.5
(ACFI204) Financial Management 5 7.5
(ACFI201) Financial Reporting 1 5 7.5
(PHIL271) Ethical Practices in Accounting 5 7.5
S2 (ACFI202) Theoretical Aspects of Accounting 5 7.5
(ACFI211) Business Law 5 7.5
(ACFI203) Management Accounting 5 7.5
(ACFI212) Tax Compliance 5 7.5
3 S1 (ACFI304) Corporate Finance 6 7.5
(ACFI312) Business Analysis 6 7.5
(ACFI309) Financial Reporting 2 6 7.5
(ACFI342) Financial Risk Management 6 7.5
S2 (ACFI301) Advanced Auditing 6 7.5
(ACFI303) Advanced Management Accounting 6 7.5
(ACFI302) Corporate Financial Reporting 6 7.5
(ACFI305) Advanced Taxation 6 7.5
      TOTAL ECTS   180

This programme is available as a taught programme in Paris and with our Provider in Dubai.