Bachelor of Business Administration

The Business of Business Administration (BBA) Programme is a 3 year degree programme that we deliver directly online.

Our course aims are to enable our students to develop a comprehensive and practical understand of Business Administration appropriate for their careers in business or to enable them to be effective and successful entrepreneurs.

Our online courses are designed for working individuals who are employed in a variety of job responsibilities and organisations. The course will enhance their job responsibilities by developing skills to explore a more critical approach to their job responsibilities and improve their performance and the ability to transfer this knowledge into their work environment.

We provide a range of subjects that will enable you to select those that suit your personal interests and career objectives.

Programme Details

Bachelor of Business Administration

Course Structure

Year Subjects ECTS
1 Principles of Management 10
  Principles of Accounting 10
  Principles of Marketing 10
  Quantitative Business Methods 10
  Introduction to International Business 10
  Business Law and Ethics 10
2 Human Resources Management 10
  Managerial Accounting 10
  Financial Markets 10
  Operations Management 10
  Organisational Behaviour 10
  Marketing Strategies 10
3 Strategic Management 10
  Teams and Leadership 10
  Total Quality Management 10
  Logistics 10
  Management Information Systems 10
  e-Commerce 10