The Virtual Learning Environment

The Virtual Learning Environment

As is widely acknowledged and highlighted in The Quality Code, Advice and Guidance Theme: Research Degrees, the quality of the research environment is critical to the provision of doctoral degree programmes. Access to an active and vibrant research environment, including contact with other researchers, is fundamental to doctoral candidates’ success, irrespective of subject, mode of study, or location. Our research community is based around our Virtual Learning Environment (the VLE).

We ensure this supportive research environment through the provision of a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), where we:

  • provide access to research methods resources
  • provide opportunities for peer interaction and support
  • manage supervision that is appropriate to the candidate and the stage he/she has reached in the programme
  • monitor clearly defined and operated progress
  • offer clear guidance and processes on assessment

You will access much of your material from online journals. However, you will find the coursebook invaluable:

Bryman, A. and Bell, E. Business Research Methods. (4th or 5th  Edition). Oxford: Oxford University Press.