Online Learning – Digital Transformation

Online Learning – Digital Transformation


Organisations today have to move with the changing times, practices, ideas and transform their organisations to meet these challenges.

The digital revolution is upon us and in this case managers need to understand and apply the wide range of ideas of digital technologies, digital marketing, data analytics, information systems, business intelligence to Big Data as well as managerial ideas in strategy, competition, culture and leadership.

This unique course we are offering will help you prepare for leading and managing digital transformation journeys in your organisation. It will help you understand how your organisation can take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital solutions to compete effectively and outperform the marketplace. It is also essential for managers to recognise the need to enhance their organisational capabilities in dealing with disruption and innovation conundrums in the digital landscape.

We recognise that mangers in responsible positions seek updating of skills and expertise in this dynamic changing environment for their organisation’s and personal benefit.

Attendances at short courses, whilst relevant, are not ideal for the manager to have a more detailed and critical understanding of these new skills, knowledge and expertise to apply to their work environment and their organisation’s evolving strategy.

The key to effective learning and transference of this knowledge and skills to the workplace requires a study and learning assessment regime. From this continuous assessment on the course you will gain personal awareness of your acquisition of these skills. You will be transformed!

To also ensure that you are recognised in the acquisition of this expertise in Digital Transformation, all successful participants in this course programme will be awarded our MBA in Digital Transformation. This only applies to those that possess an MBA degree from a recognised Institution. We will transfer all your prior earned credits towards our MBA Degree.

Course Outline
The course will be delivered online
The course over 12 weeks will be divided into 3 parts:
Part 1: Digital Transformation from Customer and Product Perspectives: This part will explore digital transformation driven by customer and product perspectives, shaping customer-focused digital initiatives which drive digital transformation.
Part 2: Digital Transformation from Data and Systems Perspectives: This part will explore data and information systems, business intelligence, organisational knowledge and decision making, ethics, information security, agile approaches, platforms, and ecosystems.
Part 3: Digital Transformation from Strategic Perspectives: This part will explore organisational challenges, models, domains, strategic directions, leadership and culture, and preparing to anticipate new generations of technologies.
Learning Outcomes
  1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of major concepts and ideas underpinning an evidence based approach to organisational digital transformation.
  2. Be able to apply concepts and ideas to practical workplace situations and analyse their effectiveness in informing effective technology-informed management practice, policy, and decision making.
  3. Be able to analyse and critically evaluate the relevance of digital technologies and ideas in enhancing your own personal effectiveness as managers, the effectiveness of those you manage, and that of your workplace organisation through innovative digital solutions, and fostering a creative, innovative culture and leadership approach to digital transformation.