Master of Business Administration Innovation and Entrepreneurship

MBA Programme – Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree awarded by Pôle Paris Altenance (PPA) you will earn is recognised by the French State and is thus a valuable qualification that will enhance your career prospects and development.
Our MBA Management is focused on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Our objective is to prepare all our graduates to have the necessary skills to undertake their organisational responsibilities competently and efficiently but also to have the innovative and entrepreneurial skills to implement those difficult decisions that overall gives your organisation commercial business advantage.
Working in the public sector too requires their management to have these qualities to make those decisions that contribute towards the well being of their society.
This is a practical MBA that draws upon best practice to ensure that critical decisions made are implemented successfully. Finding best solutions is of course vital but successful implementation of these solutions too is also relevant.
The range of subjects makes our MBA relevant, challenging and will set you on the path towards becoming a better manager and entrepreneur.

You must have an Undergraduate degree or an approved Professional qualification

Duration of the course
From 18 months

Academic Requirements
8 Core Courses and 1 Elective Course

Core Courses :
Business Venture Creation
Managing & Governing Ethically
Marketing Management
Human Capital Management
Entrepreneurial Business Skills
Management and Business Research
Strategic Marketing Communications
Financial Management

Electives (one from)
Digital Transformation
Project Management
e- Marketing
Strategic Management
Strategic Human Resources Management
Supply Chain Management
Organisational Development and Change
Financial and Managerial Accounting

Final Project
We require all our students to complete a final Consultancy Project for graduation. This is a practical approach towards undertaking primary research to arrive at conclusions and recommendations for the benefit of the organisation.