Key Facts

Key Facts
Key Facts Doctorate in Business Administration
Who is it for? Ambitious business executives and consultants who want to make a step change in their career or stand out from their competitors.
Pre-requisite qualifications Master’s, MBA, or equivalent work experience
Duration Two to three years. We differentiate between retrospective publication (published before registration) and concurrent/prospective publications (published within the period of registration). The former involves a shorter time frame.
Type of programme Part-time, flexible. This DBA comprises rigorous, independent research, unlike many other DBA degrees that include more taught or project-based elements.
Medium Online
Components Self-study, supervision, research study, thesis by publication (a series of peer-reviewed academic papers, books, cited works or other materials that have been placed in the public domain as articles that have been published, accepted for publication, exhibited or performed, accompanied by a substantial commentary linking the published work and outlining its coherence and significance, together with an oral examination at which the candidate defends his/her research).


Language English
Essential components Detailed Research Proposal; Ethical Approval; Thesis by Publication (including at least 3 artefacts); Viva Voce examination
Reasons for study Career enhancement; development of research skills; significant contribution to sponsoring organisation; development of business expertise; building an international network of contacts
Degree awarded Doctorate