MSc in Automotive Management

MSc in Automotive Management

Location:  Monheim am Rhein, Germany
Start Date:  Contact Centre
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Course Information

This specialist programme is delivered by Akademie für Unternehmensmanagement in German and is open to MBA graduates.

The programme is delivered in intensive week end blocks in which the emphasis is not only on traditional lectures, but also on examples of best practice in which high levels of interaction between lecturers and students are the decisive elements of teaching and learning. Additional contemporary learning methods, including non-assessed presentations may complete the student- centred focus on participants’ individual achievements.


Akademie für Unternehmensmanagement

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Contact: Dr. Hubert Shaefer

Programme Content

1. Automotive Marketing and Retail Management

This module introduces the students into Automotive Marketing and Retail Management. It gives the students an overview of marketing strategy concepts of the global automotive market. Students familiarize themselves with the framework that regulates the relationship between producers, distribution partners and consumers.

It explains the different kind of tools of Marketing Management and Retail Management in the vehicle industry.

The module supports students to understand the business of Automotive Producers and distribution partners in and outside Germany. At the end, they have a broad knowledge which is significant for a job in the automotive branch.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students should be able to:
  •  Understand and apply theories of Automotive Marketing in different kind of markets
  •  Critically appraise the tensions the exist within the global Automotive Market
  •  Identify the scope of Retail Management at the Point of Sale in the Automotive Industry
  •  Demonstrate an understanding of the differences between Automotive Marketing and Global Marketing versus International Marketing
  •  Display an enhanced ability to management the aspects of Retail Management in the Vehicle Industry.

2. Development Management in the Vehicle Industry Introduction

Engineers and business managers in the Vehicle Industry have to work out together concepts, which make the company competitive in the international market. The particular requirement is not only to have a focus on the local market, but to see chances for the global market worldwide.

In this module selected development management theories are transformed to the Vehicle Industry. The Module shows the standards, the relationship between strategy and operative and marketing management.

Intended Learning Outcomes


Students should be able to:
  •  Set out a sophisticated understanding of the importance to find a common way with the ideas of Engineers as well as with the concepts of Commercial Managers
  •  Communicate the significance of the numerous factors that constitutes effective Development Management and to incorporate them into durable performances management systems, which are satisfied the interests of all parties
  •  Organize effective forms of evaluate activities to make sure that all components are fitting in the strategic plans of the company 

3. After Sales Management


After Sales Management plays an important role in the Automotive Industry.

All vehicles produced need an effective After Sales Management in the modern world of global sourcing and collaboration.

After Sales Management focusses on structures, organisations and relationships as essential components to be effective and competitive in the global world of car producers.


Intended Learning Outcomes


Students should be able to:
  •  Understand the global networking in the automotive market
  •  See the connections between producers, distribution partners and consumers in Germany, in Europe and worldwide
  •  Acquire important knowledge for sales activities to the entire automotive area, from the perspective of producers and distribution partners
  •  Acquire the characteristics of the various instruments of the operative marketing in the Automotive Industry