MBA – Innovation and Entrepreneurship

MBA – Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Location:  Business Institute Yangon, Myanmar
Start Date:  Contact Centre
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MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Organisations today operate in a very dynamic and turbulent world that impacts upon their performance in the market for products and services. Securing competitive advantage is vital for the organisation to survive and achieve the positive outcomes for their stakeholders.

Managers must have the requisite skills and abilities to create an organisational environment to enhance innovation to effectively handle these challenges.

This course has been designed to enable the managers to fully understand and put into practice concepts of Innovative Management, Good Business Practices of Corporate Governance, a positive mindset of good Corporate Social Responsibility, Creating, developing and implementing new business ideas.


You must have an Undergraduate degree or an approved Professional qualification

Duration of the course

From 18 months

Academic Requirements

10 Core Courses

Core Courses :
Organizational Behaviours
Cross Cultural Management
Marketing Management
Operations Management
Int’l Business Management
Corporate Finance
Strategic Management
Innovative Management & Business Practices
New Venture Creation
Research Methodology & Design

Final Project
We require all our students to complete a final Consultancy Project for graduation. This is a practical approach towards undertaking primary research to arrive at conclusions and recommendations for the benefit of the organisation.