MBA in Disruptive Leadership

MBA in Disruptive Leadership

Location:  Online Learning
Start Date:  April 8, 2020
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Disruption is happening everywhere and in every aspect of our lives. It is happening at a scale and speed that is unprecedented in modern history impacting diverse industries, from financial services to retail, media, logistics & supply chain, manufacturing, education, professional services, and healthcare & life sciences. Leaders are finding it challenging to navigate the near-insurmountable challenges resulting from the impact of these disruptive events (including the recent COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing digital transformation) on their operations and have to reinvent their operating and business models to ensure their survival.
The right leadership talent is critical for organisations to thrive in a disruptive business environment. How should we define leadership in such an environment? Are the current leadership practices and competencies still relevant in the face of such disruption? How can leaders set themselves up not only to survive but also to thrive in navigating the challenges of disruptive events and crises? What are the contributing factors, from the organisational leadership perspective, that has successfully implemented their digital transformation strategy?

Participants who complete the Assessments required for all the 3 modules in this programme will be awarded the Certificate of Completion.

To also ensure that you are recognised in the acquisition of this expertise in leading the organisation and teams in a highly disruptive and digital-driven era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), all successful participants who possess an MBA degree from a recognised institution can earn our MBA in Disruptive Leadership upon the successful completion of the relevant additional Assignments and Consultancy Project (Action-Based Learning Workplace Business Challenge).

We can apply our Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) towards our MBA from your current MBA degree conditional upon our recognition of your MBA where we will transfer all your prior earned credits towards our MBA Degree.

Programme Director


We are pleased to have Professor Sattar Bawany, CEO of Disruptive Leadership Institute, to lead this very contemporary and relevant programme.

Prof. Bawany has recently authored a comprehensive book on Disruptive Leadership, “Leadership in Disruptive Times” (Business Expert Press, 2020) that addresses this issue for managers that wish to seek a broad understanding of this very critical aspect of leadership in today’s highly disruptive and digital-driven workplace.

The book has been endorsed by global thought leaders, CEOs, CHROs and business leaders and adopted by universities and academic institutions worldwide as a recommended text for leadership & organisational behaviour as well as human resources management courses.


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Learning Objectives

1. Define disruption as viewed in today’s digital-driven business environment.
2. Understand the types and sources of disruption in today’s marketplace.
3. Identify digital disruptive trends and embrace the disruptive digital mindset that is necessary for developing and implementing digital transformation initiatives at the workplace.
4. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of major concepts and ideas underpinning evidence-based approach to successful digital transformation and disruptive leadership.
5. Apply tools for adapting to and leading through disruption to success at the workplace.
6. Appreciate the value of agility as a leadership competency in the face of disruption
7. Identify barriers to developing an innovation-driven culture in organisations
8. Be able to analyse and critically evaluate the relevance of digital technologies in ensuring the organisation’s sustainability.
9. Be able to apply concepts and ideas to resolve workplace situations and challenges.
10. Develop actionable plans to address the strategic, organisational and innovation-based opportunities within the participant’s organisation through a consultancy project.

Course Content

The course will be delivered fully online over 10 weeks and will be divided into 3 Modules:

Module 1: Developing Disruptive Digital Leadership

  • Understand the dynamics and challenges of operating in a disruptive, volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) and digital-driven business environment
  • Develop and promote a disruptive mindset to achieve new and sustainable growth
  • Identify and develop disruptive digital competencies and skills towards being a transformational leader to get ahead of the curve, prime others in the organisation to welcome disruption
  • Improving the participant’s disruptive mental agility and condition will improve creativity, energy, empathy which is critical in developing customer-centricity and decision-making

Module 2: Leading Disruptive Innovation for Organisational Success

  • Learn about the current and emerging digital technologies enabling business process transformation and innovation practices
  • Develop the disruptive thinking & leadership towards fostering a culture of game-changing innovation that provides the framework and the motivation to generate novel ideas and execute new solutions
  • Understand the importance of Design Thinking and how to lead them within companies
  • Develop the ability towards fostering of counterintuitive ideas, forcing improbable insights and opening minds to uncomfortable and perhaps revolutionary solutions

Module 3: Developing and Implementing Successful Digital Transformation

  • Understand how data analytics and digital technology are being used to disrupt sectors of the economy and transform business processes for implementation of digital transformation for organisations
  • Develop practical leadership skills to overcome organisational obstacles to successful digital transformations within functions or businesses.
  • Understand the scale of the challenges participants face in a market that demands a new approach to disruptive leadership
  • Learn to develop results-focused innovation and digital transformation strategies
Learning Resources

The learning resources will include recommended textbooks, published research articles, journals, access to an online library (e-resources) and other online learning resources including YouTube videos relevant to the theme of each of the 3 Modules.

Formative Assessment

After each Module, you will be required to submit a brief outline of your ideas for discussion and formative feedback. This will allow you to build on your learning and view the entire course as a building block of related pieces of knowledge and information that you can apply to a practical business challenge in your organisation. Your entire assessment will demonstrate the highest levels of professional consultancy skills.

Assessment: Consultancy Project (Action-Based Learning Workplace Business Challenge)

The Assessment will be in the form of a programme-long consulting project providing participants with the opportunity to apply everything they have learned during the programme to a real-world business challenge in the form of a leading and engaging the team for an innovation-driven or digital transformation initiative within their organisation.

The consultancy project is an analysis of the organisation’s human resources and leadership development capabilities, competencies, system and processes in identifying, selecting, assessing and developing the managerial leadership team to be ready towards leading and engaging their teams in the fast-changing and disruptive future of work. The confidence to lead in a complex disruptive and digital-driven business environment requires organisational leaders to look at problems and opportunities from multiple perspectives, to determine the course of action through integrating multi-disciplinary knowledge and skills, make decisions with incomplete information and to be a highly effective and persuasive communicator with relevant emotional & social intelligence competencies.

Drawing from the content covered in all the modules, participants will critically analyse disruptive innovation trends to help adapt their organisation’s strategy and decision-making activities to a continuously changing and disruptive, digital-driven environment. Additionally, the programme-long project will culminate in a presentation to their organisation’s senior management team, where participants have an opportunity to apply, in a team context, what they have learned to a real business challenge. This unique learning experience will provide tangible value to their organisations.


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